Art is an expression of who we are individually, & who we are, together, as human beings- What we see, what we feel, our joys, our fears... it is Art that unites us and reminds us that we are so beautifully different, and yet, so very much the same. ” - Madeline Rae

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Madeline Rae is an Indie/Pop/Soul Singer-Songwriter and Texas native based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a creative and dynamic artist with an ear for writing intricate, haunting melodies with layered harmony. She maintains a delicate balance between authentic and synthetic sounds, and blends jazz, soul, and R&B elements into her newfound Indie/Pop genre.

Madeline uses her music to speak truth and connect through story. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business / Songwriting from Dallas Baptist University, and spent over 10 years in the Texas music scene before transitioning to Nashville. Madeline also has the opportunity to work in the private yachting industry as a stewardess and entertainer, performing for guests across the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean in addition to the States.

Madeline Rae is an up and coming artist in Nashville's music scene today with an array of upcoming releases on radar. You can find her performing in local venues throughout the city or somewhere cozy with a hot cup of tea in hand. 


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